PANSEAL Burst Packs – 250g Kit

Drain Pan Coating and Sealant
Part # - 2000PB
Coverage – 6 Square Feet at 15 mils thickness

Product Features & Benefits

  • Seals leaks immediately
  • Minimal system down time
  • Easy brush/roller/spray application – Sets up underwater
  • 100% solids and entirely free of solvents, NO  VOCs.
  • Works on metal, fiberglass, stainless steel, concrete and wood surfaces
  • Bonds chemically and mechanically to the substrate
  • Excellent adhesion strength – 2,750 psi (pull-off adhesion test ASTM D 4541)

Recommended Uses

  • Cooling Tower Repair
  • Condenser Pans
  • Tank Linings
  • Secondary Containment Lining, Leak Repair, Flooring, Pipeline Coating, Clarifiers, Collection Systems, Digesters, Lift Stations, Manholes, General Corrosion Protection, Acid Resistant Linings, Abrasion Resistant Linings and Exterior Finishes   

PANSEAL Cartridge Directions

Clean surface removing all dirt, dust, oil and all other contaminants. 

Stainless Steel Surfaces: obtain a well etched surface

Concrete Surfaces:  Prime with DX-1100 Primer for Concrete prior to applying PANSEAL

PANSEAL Burst Packs are easy to mix within the package.  Remove the separating plastic clip, mix thoroughly within the package, cut off a corner with scissors and squeeze over the surface. 

Apply PANSEAL toward the leaking surface.  PANSEAL will self-level toward the slope, but can also be brushed to move the product throughout the surface area.  It is recommended to coat the entire surface to prevent future corrosion.  PANSEAL can also be applied vertically by brush.  

Brush:  Use a medium bristle brush.                                                                                                    

Use MEK or Acetone. In case of spillage, absorb and dispose of in accordance with local, applicable regulations.

Refer to the SDS PDF


*See Product Data PDF for more complete detail.

PANSEAL Cartridges & Burst Packs Data Sheet




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