About Us

Dynesic Technologies

Dynesic Technologies’ official beginning was early in 2005, although it’s initial onset stemmed from multiple experiences in advanced sealants, adhesives & coatings in multiple industries. Jim Chafin, the companies’ founder contacted Scott Phillips, co-owner and President about the opportunities they could introduce to markets and together they established Dynesic. The partners were childhood friends in Dallas, Texas which provided the company with trust and compatibility in it’s early stages and increased as Dynesic’s opportunities advanced.

The conceptual idea in the beginning was to develop technology for the HVAC industry with the intention of producing products that could permanently repair leaking and corroded surfaces in the HVAC industry.  As Dynesic continued, they increased their product offerings in HVACR and develops products designed to permanently seal leaks and prevent corrosion in many other industries as well.

Jim Chafin

Jim Chafin (October 25, 1965 – October 12 2022)

A message from Jim’s partner and close friend:

“I will always love and miss Jim .  He was brilliant, blessed with a photographic memory.  He had off the charts, quick witted, but deep humor.  Together we conquered high school, started our families and joined on a path to success in our business.

” I will, and Dynesic Technologies will always be grateful to our founder and friend”.  He exuded truth, uncompromised loyalty and care for Dynesic employees and customers.  We wouldn’t be here with out you Jim.”

Scott Phillips

Dynesic Today

Dynesic continues to produce advanced products that are widely used in surface preparation and application that share attributions important to the company and it’s customers. Dynesic products share the unmatched characteristics in that they contain NO VOC’s, have very minimal odor, offer long-term protection, excellent chemical resistance and have the highest adhesion strength.

Dynesic credits their valued distributors, retail stores and contractors for their growth. The quickness and ease of applications, give Dynesic products a big advantage, but continues to grow due to the result of their customers’ loyalty and positive outcomes.