Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation –

Surface Preparation is a key consideration prior to painting and coating. When it comes to Surface Preparation, the ideal strategy is to obtain a surface that paints and coatings can adhere to. It’s always important to realize that nothing adheres to a slick surface which results in an unsuccessful outcome to painting and coating projects. This article will give our best recommendations for Surface Preparation for your project.

The Teflon Theory for Surface Preparation

Teflon is a well accepted, non-stick surface that is widely used in residential and commercial food preparation because it reduces clean-up issues. The question is, if nothing sticks to Teflon, how does it stick to pans? The simple answer is that the pan is prepared for Teflon to adhere and the material is designed for the adhesion to penetrate metal substrates.

Surface Prep


In comparison to Teflon, the rule of thumb, known understanding is that paints and coatings will not adhere to slick surfaces. They may seem to adhere initially, but will not offer long term adhesion. In order to obtain long term adhesion strength, a surface needs to be clean, free of grease and oils and etched for performance. According to the surface type, the adhesion of paints and coatings have variables.

For instance, stainless steel is a high strength iron based alloy chemistry that requires a well prepared and profiled surface preparation. The ideal preparation for paints and coatings to adhere to stainless steel is to grind or sandblast to obtain a uniform, etched substrate. We recommend using a high abrasion grinding wheel, as a low strength wheel will only polish the surface, making it more slick.

On the other hand, wood is a more porous surface that allows for easy adhesion. However, a polished or coated wood surface is less conducive for materials to adhere to. It’s important to understand that many paints and coatings cannot adhere to stainless steel, so we will recommend strong adhesive paints and coatings such as SILVERSHIELD Epoxy Paint, or PANSEAL Epoxy Coating for stainless steel projects.

DX-ETCH Concrete Cleanser

DX-ETCH Surface Preparation Cleanser and Etcher

DX-ETCH is an ideal cleanser and etcher for many surfaces that allows for a well prepared surface prior to painting and coating. DX-ETCH is ideal for concrete, masonry, galvanized, metal, steel, wood and many other surfaces. DX-ETCH is recommended for use for DIY applications and by painters, and contractors for industrial maintenance, chemical coating and product finishing. The quick and easy application of DX-ETCH Cleanser & Etcher eliminates the need for grinding, sanding or sand blasting and makes clean-up as simple as rinsing with water.  Link to DX-ETCH Product Data   

DX-ETCH Features & Benefits

  • Cleans & Etches in One Step
  • Enhances Coating and Paint Adhesion to Surface 
  • Mild Odor, Safe to Apply
  • DIY – Works in Minutes
  • Industrial Strength 
  • No Acidic Vapors 
  • Neutralizes Alkali Salts
  • Works to Prep Sheet Metal Film
  • Can be Diluted with Water    

DX-ETCH Removes                   

  • Rust, Oil, Dirt, Soot
  • Smut, Fines and Rust Inhibitors 
  • Form Release Compounds 
  • Heat Scale Oils   
  • Efflorescence & Laitance 
  • And More

SILVERSHIELD Indoor, Outdoor Epoxy Paint

SIVERSHIELD Indoor/Outdoor Epoxy Paint is an ideal paint/coating for tough climate conditions because it’s easy apply like paint, but much stronger.  Outdoor metal and steel structures are constantly subject to corrosion and paints will not protect them for long term protection. On the other hand epoxies yellow in sunlight.  However, SILVERSHIELD is a high strength epoxy base formulated for outdoor use.  It contains silver flake which eliminates the UV yellowing effect and maintains a much longer lasting metallic finish.  Link to SILVERSHIELD Product Data

PANSEAL All-Purpose Abrasion Coating
PANSEAL All-Purpose Coating and Sealant

PANSEAL is an all purpose abrasion proof sealant which is ideal for sealing leaks and preventing future corrosion, in fact it’s considered the premier leak sealant for HVAC.  It’s 2,700 psi adhesion strength and the fact that PANSEAL has NO VOCs and very minimal odor are very unique attributes.  Because PANSEAL has no VOCs and very minimal odor, it’s perfect for schools, hospitals and is safe to apply in confined spaces.  Additionally, PANSEAL is known for its forgiving application characteristics in adverse and varied conditions.  Link to PANSEAL Gallon Product Data

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