Quick and Easy Repair for Boat Leaks

Quick and Easy Repair for Boat Leaks –

When you are in need of a Quick and Easy Repair for Boat Leaks, there is a 15 minute repair kit available that can even be applied under water. Although quick and easy repair for boat leaks can be accomplished under water, EMRGENSEAL will work on dry land within the interior of the boat. When considering quick and easy repair for boat leaks, do not trust products from big box stores that are not permanent solutions and one part products that will only result in temporary repairs. You need a strong, multi-component sealant that will permanently seal and protect the substrate.

The Hazards of Boat Leaks

Boat leaks are a serious maintenance hazard and not only could they result in dangerous predicaments, but they if not detected on time, they can break down surfaces and ruin the entire vessel. Older boat models are prone to leaking because of age, wear and tear and deterioration. Newer models can be subject to leak issues due to material cost savings, thinner laminates to decrease weight and increase speed and diminished workmanship.

It is interesting to realize that a ¼” hole can sink a 30-feet boat!

How to detect leaks on a boat

Although it can be difficult to detect leaking in boats, especially the original source of leaks. here are some clear indicators your boat has one major or several leaks, which are in need of repair:

  • Rusty stains near aluminum cans
  • Wet or damp mattresses
  • Various mildew
  • Puddles of water under berths
  • Damaged wood paneling
  • Excessive condensation or humidity in cabins
Quick and Easy Repair for Boat Leaks

If you come across any of the above symptoms during the course of normal use of your boat, immediately look into those parts of the boat that indicate the source of a leak, and thoroughly observe these areas.

EMERGENSEAL – Quick and Easy Repair for Boat Leaks

The EMERGENSEAL Repair Kit is s a unique, 100% solids, multi-component, novolac epoxy designed to quickly and permanently patch, seal and repair cracks, holes and leaks in metal, aluminum, fiberglass and wood surfaces.  EMERGENSEAL cures within 15 minutes on land or underwater, so down time is greatly reduced.  The EMERGENSEAL Repair Kit is designed as a marine grade, trowelable enforcement and leak sealant because it quickly and permanently repairs and rebuilds damaged surfaces.  EMERGENSEAL is extremely versatile adhering or bonding to almost any surface.  EMERGENSEAL Repair Kit is an industrial strength and durable product that is safe and DIY user friendly.  Furthermore, it’s highly chemical resistant, extreme temperature resistant chemistry and unparalleled adhesion strength are ideal for marine applications.

EMERGENSEAL Repair Kit Benefits

  • All Purpose, Marine Grade Quick Cure Epoxy Paste
  • Immediately Seals Leaks
  • Hardens in 5– 15 minutes depending on ambient temperature (down to 38°F)
  • Ideal for immediate field use repairs
  • Trowellable – ideal for vertical surface repairs
  • Self-priming – bonds chemically and mechanically to the substrate
  • Can be sanded, drilled, tapped and machined
  • 100% solids – No VOCs

Link to EMERGENSEAL Product Data

Thoroughly mix the two parts, supplied in pre-measured sachet packs until no streaks are seen.  Apply to surface rapidly, pressing hard to achieve maximum wetting, then proceed with thickness desired.  Mix no more product than can be applied in 5 minutes. When rebuilding structures, use layers of reinforcing cloth and apply product as thick as the parent substrate.

Apply directly on to the prepared surface with the plastic applicator or spatula provided. Press down firmly to remove entrapped air, fill all cracks, and ensure maximum contact with the surface. Use can use reinforcement tape or mesh over holes and cracks.  EMERGENSEAL is fully machinable using conventional tools once it is cured.

Vertical Surface Repair

For Larger Repair Surfaces, see PANSEAL Paste Grade

PANSEAL Paste Grade is also a quick and easy repair for boat leaks and works for underwater applications as well. The reason it can be applied underwater is because it is thick and heavier than water, contains NO VOCs and does not mix with water. PANSEAL Paste Grade can be used as a marine grade epoxy to rebuild surface areas with a 2,850 psi adhesion strength.

PANSEAL Paste Grade Epoxy Benefits

  • Immediately seals leaks, cracks on majorly damaged surfaces
  • Thick viscosity – Ideal for vertical repairs and ceiling work
  • Easy to apply with a trowel
  • Bonds chemically and mechanically to substrate
  • Works on metal, fiberglass, stainless steel, concrete, and wood surfaces
  • 100% solids and entirely free of solvents and volatile organic compounds

Link to PANSEAL Paste Grade Product Data

For further information and application assistance concerning quick and easy repair for boat leaks contact Dynesic Technologies at 972-692-0962.