Concrete Repair Coating –

Concrete Repair Primer

Since concrete is a porous surface, vapor (air) moves through concrete surfaces which creates barometric pressure and can have a negative impact concerning Concrete Repair Coating. Because concrete surfaces fail due to chemical additives, abrasion, harsh environments and deterioration, concrete repair coatings can rebuild and strengthen these surfaces. However, there is an issue for the coating, or paint to adhere well, due to the outgassing pressure pushes against the topcoat.

DX-1100 Concrete Repair Primer

DX-1100 Concrete Repair Primer is a thin, high strength epoxy designed to penetrate through the pores of concrete surfaces to prevent outgassing issues. When a concrete surface deteriorates, it loses strength and DX-1100 Concrete Repair Primer will reinforce the surface with 2750 psi adhesion strength. DX-1100 can be applied by brush, roller or sprayer at a recommended 3-5 mils per coat (320 to 530 square feet per gallon).

The concrete must be cured a minimum of 7 days at 75°F (24°C) and 50% relative humidity or equivalent. Prepare surfaces in accordance with ASTM D4258 Surface Cleaning of Concrete and ASTM D4259 Abrading Concrete. Voids in concrete may require surfacing. Mortar joints should be cured a minimum of 15 days.

For questions regarding spray applications, re-coat windows, mixing and application, other features & benefits see the DX-1100 Product Data

PANSEAL Concrete Repair Coating

Abrasion Proof Coating

After the primer is installed and within the re-coat window, the Concrete Repair Coating can be applied. Since the existing surface has been strengthened with DX-1100 and has solid support, we recommend an all-purpose abrasion proof product as a top coating for the surface. In areas where there is expected foot traffic, PANSEAL can be mixed with sand or aggregate as needed to achieve a non-skid surface. Once PANSEAL is mixed, it can be applied by brush, roller or sprayer.

PANSEAL is the optimum concrete repair coating because it has very minimal odor, NO VOCs, up to 90 Shore D Hardness and an impressive 2,750 psi adhesion strength. Although PANSEAL is self-priming and ideal for metal, fiberglass, stainless steel, wood surfaces, it benefits from the attributes of DX-1100 to prevent outgassing in concrete surfaces.

PANSEAL Paste Grade Concrete Repair Coating

Where there are areas in concrete that have voids, or missing chunks, you can fill these areas with a high strength, paste grade coating. PANSEAL Paste Grade is a thick version of PANSEAL and designed to fill voids and absences in concrete. PANSEAL Paste Grade can be applied with a trowel and hold onto vertical surfaces while curing. PANSEAL Paste Grade is a NO VOC, 100% solids coating that may require adjustments in application techniques. Apply directly onto the prepared surface with a trowel or spatula tool. Press down firmly to remove entrapped air, fill all cracks, and ensure maximum contact with the surface. PANSEAL Paste Grade is fully machinable using conventional tools once cured and can be sanded.

Vertical Surface Repair


Surface Prep Cleanser - DX-ETCH
DX-ETCH Concrete Cleansing Prior to Coating

A clean concrete surface is recommended for optimum adhesion strength of the coating to the concrete surface. Cleaning concrete prior to coating, DX-ETCH is a quick and easy deep cleanser that will remove rust, oil, dirt and soot in concrete surfaces. DX-ETCH can be applied with an acid-resistant, hand pump sprayer, a plastic sprinkling can, or with a plastic pail and acid-resistant brush.

  1. Select proper dilution
  2. Add concentrate to water and mix. If available, hot water will accelerate cleaning and etching.
  3. Sweep loose debris and dampen the surface with water.   
  4. Apply solution and scrub with a stiff brush or broom until bubbling stops. NOTE: If no bubbling occurs, surface is coated with curing compounds or contaminants preventing etching. Remove contamination and  reapply DX-ETCH.   
  5. Triple rinse with water to neutralize.
Concrete Fire Repair - PANSEAL

VIDEO – Concrete Cooling Tower Fire Restoration

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