The PANSEAL Container

The PANSEAL Container was created as a necessity to keep PANSEAL available during the 2022 global material crisis that has had an affect on plastic materials distributed to packaging companies.  The cartridges made for PANSEAL Cartridges have been unavailable for most of the year and the PANSEAL Burst Packs availability has been unreliable.

The PANSEAL Container – Drain Pan Repair Kit

The PANSEAL Container

As back orders compiled, Dynesic knew it had to find a reliable answer to it’s packaging dilemma and with seconds left to spare, they created The PANSEAL Container. These 2 part PANSEAL drain pan repair kits are the exact same product as the  PANSEAL cartridge or burst pack.  A key advantage other than reliability and ease of use is that the PANSEAL Container holds 25% more PANSEAL which increases the product gram weight from 250g to 315g.  This additional 25% more material will cover 8 square feet at 15 mils, rather than six square feet.

PANSEAL Container Directions

The directions are as easy as pouring the smaller, Part B Hardener component into the larger Part A Resin container and mixing the two parts together with the mixing stick provided.  The mixed product can be poured on the surface and applied with a brush.  Recommendations: Wear gloves, don’t apply in church clothes and put away your cell phone just in case you get easily distracted.  Once Mixed you should have about 20 minutes to apply, and PANSEAL will harden within 6 to 8 hours depending on the ambient temperature.

PANSEAL Bullet PointsThe PANSEAL Container Back Photo

• Seals leaks immediately

• Minimal system down time

• Easy brush/roller/spray application – Sets up underwater

• 100% solids and entirely free of solvents and VOCs.• Works on metal, fiberglass, stainless steel, concrete and wood surfaces

• Bonds chemically and mechanically to the substrate

• Excellent adhesion strength – 2,750 psi (pull-off adhesion test ASTM D 4541

PANSEAL Recommended Uses

• Cooling Tower Repair
• Condenser Pans
• Tank Linings
• Secondary Containment Lining, Leak Repair, Flooring, Pipeline Coating, Clarifiers, Collection Systems, Digesters, Lift
Stations, Manholes, General Corrosion Protection, Acid Resistant Linings, Abrasion Resistant Linings and Exterior Finishes
Color/Part # Light Gray, Dark Gray