Dynesic Residential Products

Dynesic designs Residential products designed for safe, quick and easy applications for DIY applications.  Not only is the Dynesic Residential product line extensive for many in home projects, but they are concentrated in user friendly packaging for home owners and residential contractors.   These products are ideal for repair and preventative maintenance because they have great adhesion strength and will permanently seal leaks and protect against future corrosion.

Finally, Dynesic Residential Products will save customers time and money. PANSEAL Cartridge Drain Pan Repair

We don’t want people to spend unnecessary money replacing HVAC systems and contribute to landfill.  We saved Joe $2000 on a simple quick fix with our product PANSEAL Cartridges and that’s what we will do for you as well.  We don’t believe in fake endorsements – only authentic endorsements and received this email recently.  Not everyone will take the time to contact us regarding their successful outcomes, but in reality, we do not hear about unsuccessful outcomes at all. 

“Just wanted to let you know that you saved me over $2000.
My drain pan on my 25-year-old AC evaporator was leaking pretty bad (I have attached some pics).
I was unable to purchase a new drain pan for this unit since it was so old, so I was going to have to buy a new evaporator with a drain pan on it. This was an expensive job to have it installed (quoted at $2100) and my evaporator is working fine with no Freon leakage.
I came across your “PANSEAL” product on YouTube and figured I give it a try. What a great product and so easy to use. Just squirt the self-leveling product into the drain pan and it flows to the leak and seals it.
The product cured completely in a few hours and was rock solid. It’s almost as if it’s part of the metal pan now. The hole was large, so I added some screening on top of the hole while the product was still wet.
The leak is stopped completely and I am running my AC again.
All for less than $50. 

Thank you very much and I will highly recommend your product to friends and family.”

– Joe

THANKS Joe!  We take pride in saving you $$$!!!  We know that you are thankful to keep your $2,000, especially during these times!!!

PANSEAL Cartridges – Designed to seal leaks in drain pans

  • Seals leaks immediately
  • Minimal system down time
  • Easy brush/roller/spray application – Sets up underwater
  • 100% solids and entirely free of solvents, NO  VOCs.
  • Works on metal, fiberglass, stainless steel, concrete and wood surfaces
  • Bonds chemically and mechanically to the substrateResidential Pipe Repair Kit
  • Excellent adhesion strength – 2,750 psi (pull-off adhesion test ASTM D 4541)

PIPESEAL Pipe Leak Repair – Designed to permanently seal leaks in copper and all metal pipes within 5 minutes

  • Works on all metal pipes including copper, steel, lead and cast iron
  • Heat activated – Hardens fully in minutes
  • Withstands pressures greater than 1200 psi
  • No wrapping or plugging required
  • Ideal for refrigerant lines
  • Extreme chemical resistant properties
  • 100% solids – No VOCs
  • Permanently seals holes up to 1/2 inch diameter

DURAPATCH All Purpose Leak Sealant & Adhesive – Extra Heavy Duty paste to seal leaks on surfaces and re-attach broken partsUnderwater Repair

  • All Purpose Quick Cure Epoxy Paste
  • Hardens in 5– 15 minutes depending on ambient temperature  (down to 38°F)
  • Ideal for immediate field use repairs
  • Trowelable – ideal for vertical surface repairs
  • Self-priming – bonds chemically and mechanically to the substrate
  • Can be sanded, drilled, tapped and machined
  • 100% solids – No VOCs

HD ASPHALT Pot Hole Repair – Fix those potholes within minutes

Pothole Repair• Works in all weather conditions: wet, cold or hot
• No mixing, mechanical compaction or tacking
• Cost effective with no messy clean-up or time constraints
• Adheres to asphalt, concrete or steel
• Perfect for bridge, drain, utility cuts and cutter work
• Patch will not release, eliminates milling before repaving
• Proven non-hazardous
• For use in all seasons

HD CONCRETE Surface Repair – Patches and repairs cracks and potholes in concrete

Pothole Repairs• Fills voids and cracks immediately
• No system down time
• Easy impact application
• Blends with either concrete or asphalt
• Stable and flexible repair
• Pre-mixed package, quick DIY application
• No messy clean-up
• No cure time – immediate traffic access
• Can be applied during any season – works in all weather conditions