How to Permanently Repair Your Leaking Drain Pan –

PANSEAL Cartridges are specifically designed for leaking drain pan repair. Not only will PANSEAL Cartridges seal leaks and permanently protect against future corrosion, but a corroded drain pan can be fixed within minutes. It’s ability to actually seal leaks in standing water and cure underwater are very unique attributes. PANSEAL is the perfect, $$$ saving DIY product when it comes to drain pan repair. Not only will PANSEAL stop the leak immediately, it will permanently prevent any future corrosion on the surface it covers.

Do not Replace Your Drain Pan!

Air conditioning drain pans or all types of condensate pans are subject to rust and corrosion due to water and temperature extremes.  If the corrosion is not detected in time, the leaks that occur can cause significant damage to indoor walls and ceilings, as well as mold and mildew.  The problem with replacing the drain pan is that there are many sizes and it may be difficult to find one that fits and works for your system. 

Also, replacing a damaged drain pan requires expertise and can be an unnecessary expense. In order to properly replace the drain pan, you may have to call a professional and he may try to entice you to replace the whole system. See the letter from Joe.

Recent “Authentic” Leaking Drain Pan Letter We Received from DIY Joe:

“Just wanted to let you know that you saved me over $2000.
My drain pan on my 25-year-old AC evaporator was leaking pretty bad (I have attached some pics). 
I was unable to purchase a new drain pan for this unit since it was so old, so I was going to have to buy a new evaporator with a drain pan on it. This was an expensive job to have it installed (quoted at $2100) and my evaporator is working fine with no Freon leakage. 

I came across your “PANSEAL” product on YouTube and figured I give it a try. What a great product and so easy to use. Just squirt the self-leveling product into the drain pan and it flows to the leak and seals it. 
The product cured completely in a few hours and was rock solid. It’s almost as if it’s part of the metal pan now. The hole was large, so I added some screening on top of the hole while the product was still wet. 
The leak is stopped completely and I am running my AC again. 
All for less than $50. 

Leaking Drain Pan

Thank you very much and I will highly recommend your product to friends and family.”

– Joe

How to Repair Your Leaking Drain Pan with PANSEAL

PANSEAL works on rusted surfaces and will encapsulate rust, but it’s best to clean the pan and remove rusted flakes prior to application.  Apply the PANSEAL Cartridge using a standard caulk gun near the leaking area to immediately and permanently stop the leaking drain pan.  We recommend brushing the excess material to coat the remaining surface area to prevent any future corrosion.  In some systems part of the drain pan can sit closely under the coils and be hard to reach with a brush.  In this case you should be able to fabricate an extended coat hanger with a thin sponge attached to push the material under the coils.   

What makes PANSEAL Great – Bullet Points

  • NO VOCs, Safe to Apply, Very Minimal Odor
  • Coverage – 6 Square Feet at 15 mils thickness
  • Will Work Under Standing Water
  • Seals Leaks Immediately
  • Works on Metal, Fiberglass, Stainless, Concrete, Wood and Restores Cracks in Plastic
  • Saves $$$ – Easy DIY Repair

Link to PANSEAL Drain Pan Repair Product Data 

Link to Video Demonstration of PANSEAL Drain Pan Repair Application  

Bullet Points – What makes PANSEAL Great for Drain Pan Repair

PANSEAL Cartridge Product Data

For Further questions concerning leaking drain pans, or repairing and protecting all leaking surfaces contact our customer service – 972-692-0962.